Important Information for Heroku Users

As of March 16, 2016, Mandrill is ending our reseller arrangement with Heroku, and it is no longer possible to create new Mandrill accounts through Heroku. Existing accounts that are accessed and billed through Heroku will have until April 27, 2016 to close their accounts. If not closed by the user by April 27, these accounts will be automatically disabled.

Users who wish to continue using Mandrill will need to close their existing accounts and create a new Mandrill account via MailChimp. Mandrill is becoming a paid add-on for MailChimp, and now requires users to have a paid monthly MailChimp account.

Before closing an account, you may wish to export any account data, as this won't be accessible after the account has been closed or disabled. For additional information about exporting data from your Mandrill account, see these Knowledge Base articles: