How to View the Rejection Blacklist for a Subaccount

If a message sent from a subaccount bounces, the recipient unsubscribes or reports the message as spam, the recipient will be moved to the Rejection Blacklist for that subaccount automatically.

Any bounces, spam complaints, or unsubscribe requests Mandrill receives for an email will only by applied to the sending subaccount's blacklist. Other subaccounts will still be able to send to that recipient without issue.

To view the Rejection Blacklist for a specific subaccount, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Rejection Blacklist page.
  2. Select the subaccount ID from the View Blacklist For Subaccount drop-down menu.

View Subaccount Blacklist Drop-down

You can also retrieve the rejection blacklist for a subaccount via the Mandrill API.