How to Export Activity from Your Mandrill Account

Activity for your Mandrill account can be exported from the Outbound Activity page or via the Mandrill API exports/activity call.

Export Activity

If you only use the filters and drop down selections, you'll have the option to download the most recent 1,000 delivered and undelivered messages, or the entire results set. If you use a search term, up to 1,000 delivered and undelivered results may be exported.

  1. Go to the Outbound Activity page in your Mandrill account.
  2. Select any filters, such as date range, tag, sender and delivery status.
  3. Click Export Results.

If you used a search term, a file will be downloaded immediately with the last 1,000 delivered and 1,000 undelivered messages matching the search term(s) and selected filters.

If no search terms were used, a drop down will appear with the export options. If you export the latest 1000 results, a file will be downloaded immediately. If you select the option to Export all results, the export will be queued.

Queued Exports

For queued exports, an email will be sent to the contact email address for the account when the export is ready for download. You may also go to the Exports page to view exports for your account. Export download links expire after 7 days. The export will appear in the exports list for an additional 7 days for record-keeping purposes.