How to Add and Remove Emails on the Rejection Blacklist

To add emails to the Rejection Blacklist, follow these steps.

  1. Go to the Rejection Blacklist page in your Mandrill account.
  2. Click the Add to Blacklist button.
    Add to Blacklist

  3. Select Manually Add Addresses to add one email address per line in the provided text field, or choose Import Addresses From File to add multiple addresses at once by uploading a file (you'll need to choose a plain text file with one email address per line).

  4. Add a reason for the rejection in the field under the Note heading.
  5. If you need to add the emails to a subaccount's Rejection Blacklist, choose the subaccount ID from the Add To This Subaccount's Blacklist drop-down menu.
  6. Click Add to Blacklist.

Emails can also be added to a main account or subaccount's Rejection Blacklist via the Mandrill API.

Remove a Custom Entry from the Rejection Blacklist

Custom rejections never expire and adding and removing custom rejections won't affect your account's reputation. To remove an email from the Rejection Blacklist, click the remove link next to the entry in the list.

Emails can also be removed from the Rejection Blacklist via the Mandrill API. Emails added to the Rejection Blacklist automatically as the result of a bounce, unsubscribe, or spam complaint can be removed one at a time for a small reputation hit. Read more about rejected emails.