Why aren't clicks being tracked?

When click-tracking is enabled for email sent through Mandrill, tracking information will be added to any links in your HTML content that are enclosed in HTML link tags. For text content, Mandrill will add link-tracking to things in your content that appear to be links. There are some cases where link-tracking won't be added to a link, though, so Mandrill won't be able to track clicks:

  • 'Mailto:' and email address links.
  • Long links: Some internet browsers and email clients break links that are over a certain length. If Mandrill detects that adding tracking information could create links too long for these email programs and browsers, tracking data won't be added. If you've got a really long link, check to see if you can shorten it before putting it in your Mandrill email so that Mandrill tracking can be added.

If you're still having issues with links not being tracked, is click-tracking disabled? You can set global send settings that apply by default for all emails, but if the API call or SMTP headers have click-tracking disabled, this will override the account settings.