Can I choose which dedicated IP pool my Mandrill emails send from?

Yes. When you have more than one dedicated IP address, you can create different pools to manage those IPs. As you send larger volumes of email, it can be helpful to use different IPs for different types of mail. For example, you could send password reset emails from one Dedicated IP, and order confirmations over a second Dedicated IP.

By default, Mandrill creates a Main Pool for you, but you can create new pools at any time within your Mandrill account or the Mandrill API.

Create a New Dedicated IP Pool in Mandrill

  1. Go to the Add Ons page in your Mandrill account.
  2. Under Dedicated IPs, click Create New Pool.
  3. Give your pool a name then click Create Pool.

Move a Dedicated IP Address to a Different Pool

  1. Go to the Add Ons page.
  2. Under Dedicated IPs, locate the IP address you wan to move.
  3. From the Actions menu, choose the Move to Pool: pool name option.
    Move IP into a different pool
  4. In the popup window that appears, confirm the move by clicking the Yes button.

You can also move a dedicated IP into another pool via the Mandrill API.

Choose Which Dedicated IP Pool to Send Email From

You can set a dedicated IP pool on a per-message basis using the the ip_pool (API), X-MC-IPPool (SMTP), or globally for your account under on the Sending Options page.

Global settings apply for all emails by default, but if the API call or SMTP headers have a different pool selected, this will override the account setting.