How to Add a Dedicated IP Address

Dedicated IP addresses are available to paid Mandrill users as an optional add-on for their account for an additional monthly fee.

Each Dedicated IP will incur a $29.95 monthly fee. This fee will be charged to the account as soon as the Dedicated IP request is approved and added to the account, and is prorated for the remainder of the current billing cycle.

Add a Dedicated IP in Mandrill

  1. Go to the Add Ons page in your Mandrill account.
  2. Under Dedicated IPs, click Add Dedicated IP.
    Add Dedicated IP button
  3. You can also optionally warm-up the dedicated IP if you're sending large volumes of email. Just check the Start Warming Up IP Immediately box.
    Start Warming Up option
  4. You'll be prompted to accept any charges for your account after the Dedicated IP is provisioned.

You can also add dedicated IPs with the Mandrill API.

After a dedicated IP address has been provisioned for your account, all mail will begin sending over the new IP within 24 hours. You'll receive a notification email to the contact email address stored in the account when the IP address is ready for use.